This blog showcases many of the cakes, cupcakes and cookies I've made in the past. Contact me through this blog, by email at or by phone at 386-752-1332 to place an order.

Monday, May 23, 2011

School Snacks For My Little Lady

I made these mini cupcakes for Maryella's school snack for her "unbirthday" party. Her birthday falls in the summertime and she wanted to be able to celebrate it at school. Everything is buttercream icing.

Congrats Grads!

This cake was made for a graduation party for a sweet girl at our church. 8 and 10 inch squares. Sweet cream with cream cheese icing. 2011 is gumpaste.

A Little Fancy Nancy

This was a sweet litle 6 inch cake made for a sweet little girl. Chocolate cake with chocolate filling and vanilla buttercream icing. White chocolate shavings on top.

The cookies were made for her school snack.

Hello Kitty

Yet another Hello Kitty. This pretty little kitty is very popular these days. This cake was made to match the party decor. Hello Kitty is fondant. The cakes are 6 and 8 inches.

The cupcakes were made for the same little girl for her school snack on her birthday.

Chug, Chug

Thomas the Train themed birthday party for a 2 year old. Cake is 10 inch bottom and half of an 8 inch top. Thomas is fondant. Cookies are sugar cookies.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hello Kitty

Another Hello Kitty cake. This cake is a 9 inch sweet cream with strawberry filling and buttercream icing. Kitty is fondant.

Girly John Deere

Made for a double birthday party for a pair of sisters. The cake was made to match the party decorations. Buttercream icing with fondant decorations.

Buzz, Buzz!

These cookies were made for a math bee for some 4th graders.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I made this cake for my sweet nephew's dinosaur birthday party. He turned 2 today! Happy birthday Elijah! His first birthday was my first cake I ever did for someone other than my own girls. So I've been at this for a year now! Wow! Hard to believe how fast time flies!

Garden Baby Shower

Made this cake to match the bedding for a baby shower. Iced in buttercream with fondant accents.

Also made these peanut babies for the same shower.

Happy Easter

Made these cookies for my girls' classes for Easter. They turned out so cute and the girls were proud to take them in to their classes!

Fancy Shoes

These cookies were made for someone who loves shoes! I loved how these turned out!

Showing School Spirit!

Penant Cookies for a 4th grade class snack.

Stars of the Show!

Made these stars for an after-show party for a kindergarten class doing a play. They hung these from the ceiling above a red carpet - how fun!