This blog showcases many of the cakes, cupcakes and cookies I've made in the past. Contact me through this blog, by email at or by phone at 386-752-1332 to place an order.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Summer Snack!

Made this watermelon cake for a dessert for a dinner party with friends. White chocolate cake (with pink food coloring) and almond buttercream icing, chocolate buttercream seeds. They are 6 inch round cakes cut in half

Happy Father's Day!

These cupcakes were made for a very special daddy for Father's Day! They are white chocolate cake with almond chocolate buttercream icing and candy decorations.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Crazy Letters

I had just enough dough left over from making those Lydia dress cookies to make the first letter of each of my girls first names. I surprised them with them after lunch as a special dessert. They were thrilled. I used all the colors of icing I had on hand because for my girls, the more colorful - the better! They might look a bit tacky to most people, but not to my crazy girls! (You should see the cookies they made themselves one day as a craft project! Talk about tacky cookies!)

Lydia Cookies

I needed a purple snack to take to Sunday School the week I taught about Lydia, the seller of purple cloth. I had extra cookie dough on hand already, so I threw these together the night before. My class full of little girls loved them!

Whimsical Lion

This cake was made for a little boy's first birthday and was actually my first paid order! Woohoo! This was such a fun cake to make - makes me wish I had a little boy to make it for. I wonder if any of my princesses would go for a lion theme??? The cake is covered in fondant and all the accents are fondant as well. The grass is buttercream.
This little lion was my first attempt making a 3d figure like this out of fondant. I thought he turned out really cute!

This was the smash cake I made to go with the theme. It's all buttercream to make for easier (and messier) smashing!