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Monday, August 30, 2010

Does God Have a Favorite Color?

That was our theme for the kids summer sunday school. They learned about various Bible stories have to do with different colors and then on the last sunday, they talked about all the colors. It was a cute series and they all seemed to enjoy it. I wanted to bring a special treat for the last day yesterday and this is what I came up with... rainbow cupcakes. It's really not too hard if you want to try it and kids will love it! It makes for an impressive snack!
First, mix up a white cake box mix and divide it into 6 bowls and color the batter. You have to use more red coloring than the others, but it really doesn't take as much coloring as you think it might to get these vivid colors.

Put your cupcake papers in a pan. I did 24, but I think it would be better to start out doing 22 or so. You can always do the last 2 if you have enough batter left over, but I started running out of a couple colors and had to skimp on a few cupcakes - not that I think anyone noticed, but still.
Put a spoonful of each batter into each cupcake paper, pouring the next color gently on top. It doesn't have to be perfect, but be sure not to mix it at all so the colors stay separate.

When they come out, the colors are even prettier!

I iced mine with white buttercream to give the effect of a cloud. I iced these late on Saturday night and was ready for bed, so I didn't try anything fancy. But it would be pretty to make it even more "cloudlike"!

The best part though, is biting into it and seeing the colors all the way through! They definitely made a hit at Sunday School!

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